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Lynsey Richardson

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher

I am a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher and completed my training in Goa, India in 2019. I started practicing yoga several years ago to quieten my mind and relieve back pain (I have scoliosis). This has worked wonders for me and my passion grew into what it is today. I love sharing yoga with others and hearing that it has helped students - mentally or physically. 

I have a background in psychology and have completed my Masters in Counselling Psychology . I have a passion for overall well-being and feel yoga is a fantastic way to practice self-care whilst doing something positive for your body and mind. I love learning new techniques and philosophies surrounding my yoga practice and I'm sure you'll love what you learn along the way too!



I want to be able to share this with people of all levels and abilities. Remember... you do NOT have to be flexible or super fit to start yoga. In my classes (online or in-person) I encourage the use of props such as blocks, blocks/bricks or straps to help with the alignment of asanas (poses), rather than focusing on how deep we are in an asana. 



Your practice can help you become more self-aware, present, accepting, grateful, focused, patient and self-loving. Also, it teaches us a lot about: overcoming the fear of failure; the importance of consistency; letting go of comparisons; listening to our intuitions; and realising we are more capable than we sometimes think. All these lessons can translate into your every day life, allowing you to start on a journey of personal growth. 

I welcome all levels to my classes
What I love about yoga